Legacy & Trust benefits

  • A Family Trust, that wishes to remain anonymous, has donated to HEROS Charity: "The Trustees are sure 2017 will see the monies being put to very good use in the amazing work HEROS Charity does."

We are very grateful, the gift could not have come to us at a better time; the onset of winter is a very hard time for us and is much more expensive. We are fighting hard to survive having had a large amount of funding stopped this year. It has been replaced by funding per horse, which is unsustainable and means core funding is restricted.

  • HEROS Charity has previously been advised by solicitors when a lady left her estate divided between three charities; ourselves, PDSA and Age UK. We benefited to the tune of £10k, which was totally unexpected and hugely appreciated.
  • Rock Lodge Charitable Trust was closing down and we received £15k when we were told that assets were being distributed to beneficiaries including HEROS Charity. Another fantastic boost to much-needed funds.

Contact Us about leaving a Legacy for HEROS Charity #HEROShorses

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