Work experience is very rewarding and educationally worthwhile...

No matter what the background and circumstances of the students we know that work experience at HEROS Charity is very rewarding and educationally worthwhile.

  • Enabling students to gain knowledge and key skills
  • Providing a solid foundation in the area of thoroughbred husbandry, retraining and rehabilitation, which can be transferred to other equine sectors
  • Offering university placements to students and a residential placement – on-site self-catering and shared accommodation is also available.

School work-experience is also regularly requested and HEROS Charity is happy to accommodate but please do get in touch to discuss your specific requirements or review our [14-16 flexible learning] package.

If you would like to come and join us for work experience please contact HEROS on 01488 638820 or email

Make sure to contact us well in advance to discuss your requirements as we often get booked up very quickly.  HEROS Charity invite all applicants to meet with us to discuss their application for any HEROS Course.

  • HEROS EducationHEROS Education
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