HEROS Charity Horse Show 2018 results

A huge thank you to all who braved the heat and attended the HEROS Charity Horse Show here at North Farm Stud on Saturday 30th June and Sunday 1st July and to all our Volunteers, Judges and Stewards.

Please see the results below (or download a results document here) and if you would like photos please visit Spindletree Photography - Saturday 30th June and Sunday 1st July.

2018 HEROS Show results

  • Championship - SHOWMAN ridden by Annabel Hill
  • In Hand Championship - CHEATING CHANCE ridden by Susan Jannaway
  • Ridden Championship - HEEZAZARI ridden by Tamsin Tarn
  • Hunter Championship - RIO DE CARNAVAL ridden by Jess Lawson

Ring 1 – Saturday - Show Jumping

Class 1: FIRST Annabel Hill and Showman

Class 2: FIRST Charlotter Hope and Winton Birthday Gift – SECOND Poppy Wellman and Haida L-yonheart – THIRD Elsa Wellman and Waithwith White Satin

Class 3: FIRST Annabel Hill and Showman – SECOND Lydai Struve and Chinnok Cassava (Savvy) – THIRD Jasmine Lawrence-Hales and Tinkerbelle III

Class 4: FIRST Lydia Struve and Chinook Cassava – SECOND Poppy Wellman and Haida L-yonheart

Class 5: FIRST Elsa Wellman and Waithwith White Satin - SECOND Jesamine Lawrence-Hales and Gateada – THIRD Dominic Phipp and Snowflake

Class 6: FIRST Hattie Phipp and Hondu Seren

Class 7: FIRST Annabel Hill and Showman – SECOND Matlida Wyatt and Annie's Kit – THIRD Jesamine Lawrence-Hales and Tinkerbelle III

Class 8: FIRST Amber Stiles and Seren – SECOND Jesamine Lawrence-Hales and Gateada 

Class 9: FIRST Leo Robertson and Nunfield Minks Classic – SECOND Matilda Wyatt and Annie's Kitar Jenni

Class 10: 

Ring 2 – Saturday - Showing

Class 10a: FIRST Hannah Bradshaw and Nipper – SECOND Nicole Harris and Tiny Tim – THIRD Nicole Harris and Paris

Class 11: FIRST Nicole Harris and Tiny Tim – SECOND Hannah Bradshaw and Nipper – THIRD Leo Robertson and Nunfield Minks Classic

Class 12: FIRST Leo Robertson and Nunfield Minks Classic – SECOND Hannah Bradshaw and Nipper

Class 13: 

Class 14: FIRST Freddie Fletcher and Pumba – SECOND Jennifer Reilly and Sky – THIRD Hattie Phipp and Hondu Seren

Class 15: FIRST Freddie Fletcher and Tommy – SECOND Freddie Fletcher and Pumba – THIRD Jennifer Reilly and Sky

Class 16: FIRST Freddie Fletcher and Tommy

Ring 1 – Sunday - Showing

Class 1: FIRST Susan Jannaway and Cheating Chance – SECOND Jacqueline Hewlett and Dale Foot Harry – THIRD Amanda Bourne and Ricky

Class 2: FIRST Susan Jannaway and Cheating Chance – SECOND Tamsin Karn and Deciding Moment – THIRD Lindzie Errol and Host Nation

Class 3: FIRST Jess Lawson and Barleywood Jukebox – SECOND Sue Sayers and Lucren Lavani – THIRD Leila Burt and Victor

Class 4: FIRST Jeanetter Turner and Kilmanseck – SECOND Sarah-Kay Lamb and Archie – THIRD Janine Gosney and Tsaritsino

Class 5: FIRST Amanda Powell and Hattie – SECOND Beckie Struve and Nazir – THIRD Jade Withers and Tigerlily

Class 6: FIRST Lauren Culley and Stunning Lad – SECOND Duncan Banks and Zaffamore

Class 7: FIRST Tamsin Karn and Heezazari – SECOND Kerry Blundell and Williams Way – THIRD Jeanette Turner and Kilmanseck

Class 8: JOINT FIRST Sarah-Kay Lambe and Archie JOINT FIRST Emily Miles and Tricklebank Bongo

Class 9: FIRST Jeanette Turner and Kilmanseck - SECOND Emily Shepherd and Hardly - THIRD Amanda Powell and Hattie

Class 10: FIRST Amanda Powell and Hattie

Ring 2 – Sunday - Show Jumping

Class 11: FIRST Martha Preece and Beano – SECOND Beth Williams and Norman The Great – THIRD Scarlet Beavan and Bungee Jump Bandit

Class 12: FIRST Walker Griffin and Not The Fogiest – SECOND Naomi Lovell and Galleria D'Arle – THIRD Roisin McCarthy and Cowgirl

Class 13: 

Class 14: 

Class 15: FIRST Carley Sullivan and Roxy – SECOND Paul Wilcox and First Morning (Bob) – THIRD Stuart Savage and Lord Ambrook

Class 16: FIRST Christina Berry and Linaldo

Class 17: FIRST Dulcie West and Hello Boyo - SECOND Ella Fitch-Cook and Skippy - THIRD Jasmine Wedge and Ella

Class 18: FIRST Christina Berry and Linaldo - SECOND Lottie Aird and Blue Boy - THIRD Jasmine Wedge and Ella

Ring 1 – Sunday - Hunter

Class 19: FIRST Jess Lawson and Rio De Carnaval – SECOND Jane Inbush and Pleasant Blue Sky – THIRD Clara Smith and Glacial Advance

Class 20: FIRST Jane Inbush and Pleasant Blue Sky – SECOND Natalie Beavis and Meg Of The Fen

Class 21: FIRST Jane Winfield and Cill Cars – SECOND Roisin McCarthy and Yago - THIRD Arabel Smith and Shanvey Moonstone

Class 22: FIRST Steph Douglas and Auf Wiedersehen – SECOND Naomi Lovell and Galleria D'Arle - THIRD Jacinta Hynes and Until The Man

Class 23: FIRST Clara Smith and Glacial Advance – SECOND Natalie Beavis and Meg Of The Fen

  • Championship - SHOWMANChampionship - SHOWMAN
  • In Hand Championship - CHEATING CHANCEIn Hand Championship - CHEATING CHANCE
  • Ridden Championship - HEEZAZARIRidden Championship - HEEZAZARI
  • Hunter Championship - RIO DE CARNAVALHunter Championship - RIO DE CARNAVAL
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