Congratulations to Megan Beard!

North Farm Stud and HEROS Charity congratulate Megan Beard on the successful completion of her 6 weeks work placement with us...

Megan was a student at the Northern Racing College (NRC) in Doncaster and during her first few weeks there she suffered a confidence knock when riding and decided to become a non-rider student.

As a result Megan was very reluctant to take a work placement on a racing yard and so the NRC approached HEROS Charity and North Farm Stud about a placement, which we were delighted to arrange. During her time with us Megan proved to be a very keen learner and has progressed so much in six short weeks.

She said: “Every day I learned something new about the equine industry, I have particularly enjoyed being involved with the breeding side of the job and spending my mornings with the vet checking each of the mares. I now understand about preparing mares for covering, checking if they are in foal and making sure there are no visible signs of problems in the early days of a pregnancy.”

Megan did build up her confidence and ride again. “The highlight of my time was having the opportunity to ride again after losing my confidence at college. It’s safe to say that I was very happy to be back in the saddle – and I realise that riding racehorses just wasn’t for me.”

Megan’s work experience has confirmed that being involved in the work of a stud is something she would like to pursue in the future and we look forward to welcoming Megan, knowing that if she continues to apply herself she will excel in her Level 2 Apprenticeship.

As Megan was leaving she told us: “I’d like to say a massive thank you to Grace Muir for having me here. I’d also like to thank Sue Jannaway for supporting me so well on the yard and Eleanor Boden for all of her support from the beginning. Everyone at North Farm Stud and HEROS Charity made me feel so welcome and at home – I really hope to return soon.”

If you are interested in completing a traineeship or apprenticeship with us please contact Eleanor Boden our Education and Training Development Manager on 01488 638820 or